PULSE +: Breathwork & Immersive 432 Hz Sound Meditation & CBD
8:00 PM20:00

PULSE +: Breathwork & Immersive 432 Hz Sound Meditation & CBD

Breathwork & Immersive 432 Hz Sound Meditation
w/ Ashley Neumeister & Torkom Ji

What does it mean "to heal"? We feel it is a process of remembering Who You Are...remembering that you are already whole and there is nothing to fix, only pieces of your self to learn from and accept. We create a safe space that encourages deep relaxation and a slowing down and journeying within to explore your inner space. A space of Acceptance, Transformation, And Healing.

Past Participants Have Experienced Clarity, Connection With Spirit, Peace, Calm, And Feelings Of Bliss. This Is Truly A Transformational Experience That Works On A Cellular Level.

We will start with Transformational Breathwork, receive personal sound healing with tibetan singing bowls and chimes then relax into Torkom’s 432 Hz healing soundscapes.

 *CBD included (not mandatory). It has helped participants to drop deeper into the experience by calming the nervous system.



Tickets $40

Venmo Ashley-Neumeister

(please write your name/PULSE in the comments)

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8:00 PM20:00

Sonic Deva's Concert



Join us on the Full Moon for a sonic trip through the 5 Elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water) and 108 Om Hum So Hum Mantras to bring together our collective energy in peace and harmony.

Sonic Devas delivers a transcendental orchestration of meditative instrumental tones and vocal angelic melodies, mystically blended to tap into the connection to the heart, body and intuitive voice inside.

Sonic Devas is a group of professional women musicians, sound healers and wellness leaders working to bring sacred sound and meditation together in one powerful presentation. Featuring a variety of instrumentation and a vocal toning choir, the sound envelops the listener and is meant to assist in deepening meditation practice, transcending ordinary states and helping people relax into the moment. Participation and singing is encouraged by attendees to collectively raise the consciousness of not only the room, but to assist in setting intention to raise the positive vibration of the planet.

In a deep state of relaxation and meditation you will hear harmonizing voices, tibetan and crystal bowls, flutes, violin, chimes, monochord, gongs, didgeridoo, hang and tongue drums, frame drums, modular synth soundscapes and more. Come experience the magic of transformational sound and deeply listen.

Curated and Directed by Lynda Arnold and featuring:
Avatara Levine
Phyllis Douglass
Michelle Berc
Kerem Brulé - MoonHaven
Helane Marie Anderson
El La
Laura Escudé
Giselle Abadie
Skye Ray
Ash Neumeister
Kady Taylor

**VIP Treatments provided by Yoi Tanabe and Teetee Vincent

**Visual Projection by Michael Strauss
**Opening soundscapes by Torkom Ji

*THIS IS SOUND BATH format. That means please bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows to lay on for comfort. It's ok to remain seated as well on your own meditation cushion or backjack foldable seat. There will be some chairs available in the back.

VIP TICKETS INCLUDE: A spot in the front row, individual sound, essential oil treatment, CBD and small gift bag with sample products from HUM Nutrition and more!. Thank you for considering this special sponsorship level!

***DOORS Open at 7:15pm
Sonic Devas Start at 8pm***
Approx run time 2 hours.

PARKING IS LIMITED: we suggest arriving early, carpooling, or, better yet, use Uber or Lift!

St. John’s is right across the street from the Metro Expo Line stop at LATTC/Ortho Institute, and next to stops for the Bus Lines:14, 37, 81, 442, 4X, 460, 701, 721, 910/950, Commuter Express 422 & 423, Downtown Dash F.

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2KsQXpC

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Be Your Own Medicine
5:30 PM17:30

Be Your Own Medicine

Join Ash Neumeister for this experiential workshop where we will learn simple, but profoundly impact-full practices to bring more peace to our lives. You will be armed with vocal toning and breathwork tools to shift your vibration and how you feel in any moment. Imagine being able to maintain your center, your peace, regardless of what is happening around you. This will end in laying down to participate in a gentle Transformational Breathwork session accompanied by a sound bath featuring Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native American Flute.

Possible Side Effects of this work:
1. Speak your truth easier
2. Ability to deeply listen
3. Increase of Joy
4. Profound connection with yourself and Spirit
5. Clarity
6. Healing of Chronic Pain
7. Deep Relaxation (letting go of Stress)
8. Awakening Light Language channeling

Save your spot: https://bindupoint.com/class-schedule/

Bring water bottle.


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7:30 PM19:30

Live Medicine Music & Sound Healing

BIRDS IN PARADISE is a contemporary *medicine music album cross-culturally inspired by indigenous traditional & shamanic ceremony music, featuring original music and collaborations from a stellar constellation of artists presented in its entirety LIVE ~ with a visual projection journey by Michael Strauss and opening meditation by Ash Neumeister & Torkom Ji.

With BIRDS IN PARADISE ARTISTS: Tony Moss, Sunny Solwind, Miranda Rondeau, Shireen Jarrahian, Tete Bero, Dream Upright, Uyanga Bold, Diana Carr, and Emily Elbert.

ALBUM: https://iamlife.bandcamp.com/album/birds-in-paradise

*Medicine music is any music shared with the intention of being medicine music: music created from, intended for, or appropriate for ceremony, in support of the ceremony intention.

8PM. Concert will start on time! Doors open at 7:30PM

I.AM.LIFE Tea Lounge sponsored by WARMI: https://www.warmi.co/

PARKING IS LIMITED: we suggest arriving early, carpooling, or, better yet, use Uber or Lift!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/birds-in-paradise-live-tickets-55786041552?fbclid=IwAR3hmMe0MFZg9X9dTXu5Vpu0PVKPiqguqeeFRJx6QjfRYmZFxg4V4dDyQX8

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8:00 PM20:00


Join us for a One Of A Kind evening of Indulging the senses! We will go deep and come out renewed....turning all DARKNESS into LIGHT.
This sensory experience will facilitate us in shedding all the masks that our ego creates...revealing the LOVE that we truly are.

We will begin with creating a ceremonial space and the sharing of Cacao & Music which is very heart expanding. The Transformational Breathwork & Sound Healing experience co-facilitated by Me and Torkom Ji will follow then we will have time to hang out after, drink tea, & connect. One of the most exciting offerings is a hand and foot massage during the Sound Healing portion of the evening...this was a huge hit last year!

(to reserve space)
$35 PRE
$40 DOOR

40 tickets available

Bring: a yoga mat to lay on. We will have some mats provided.


Tickets: http://consciouscityguide.com/cacaolloween2018


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Group Breath & Sound Ceremony
8:00 PM20:00

Group Breath & Sound Ceremony

Join me for an intimate group Transformational Breathwork & Sound Healing session.  This session is designed to get your Mind, Body, and Spirit into it's relaxed, natural state. From this place we can receive guidance, clarity, healing, remembrance, vitality and so much more. 

Ashley will guide you though this experience that incorporates group toning and breathwork with beautiful music and sound healing instruments. This session will also incorporate the use of high quality essential oils specifically chosen to relax us even deeper.

This is limited to 10 people. 

Location: Private Los Feliz Residence (please RSVP to Ash@ashneumeister.com for address)


You can bring cash or send your donation to: paypal.me/ashleyneumeister

PLEASE BRING: a yoga mat, blanket or whatever else you want to feel comfortable laying on the ground. 



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Group Breathwork & Sound Healing
6:00 PM18:00

Group Breathwork & Sound Healing


Join Ashley Neumeister for a Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing group session. We can learn different breathing practices to alter our state of mind as well as bring healing on all levels of Mind, Body, & Spirit. The main technique Ashley shares during group sessions is done laying down and oxygenates the entire body and releases blockages in the energetic field. It can create feelings of bliss, clarity, love, and also bring emotions to the surface that have been ignored. It can be a very cathartic and ultimately peaceful experience. 

Regardless of what your experience, you are receiving the healing benefits on a physical & mental level of releasing stress and toxins from your body. The session will be guided with music and sound healing instruments. 

Bring a Yoga Mat

Location: Muddy Waters Yoga Studio

270 West 3rd Street, Winona, Minnesota 55987


Time TBC

Details to follow...


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Transformational Breathwork & Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
8:00 PM20:00

Transformational Breathwork & Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Join Ashley and Larisa at The Den Meditation Studio for a gentle, healing, rejuvenating Breath & Sound Ceremony. 

Ashley will guide you through a transformational breathwork session that is designed to cleanse our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies. It gets our energy flowing again at optimal levels. It can create feelings of joy, bliss, expansion, and peace. We will transition directly into a Sound Bath curated by Larisa Gosla. She has the voice of an angel and plays crystal bowls. Join Us!  

Mats provided. 


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Pulse: Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Immersion Meditation
8:00 PM20:00

Pulse: Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Immersion Meditation

PULSE is a Breathwork and Sound Healing collaboration between Ashley Neumeister and Torkom Ji. We create a space of acceptance, transformation, and healing. Past participants have experienced clarity, connection with spirit, peace, calm, and feelings of bliss. This is truly a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience that works on a cellular level.

8:00 - 10:00 pm
w/ Ashley and Torkom
cost // $30

**Want to get more out of your experience?
Join Yoga with Skye before Pulse starts, and get $5 off Pulse!
from 6:30 - 7:45 pm
cost // $15

$40 for both

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or whatever you need to be comfortable laying on the ground.


For tickets: http://consciouscityguide.com/pulseshamanic

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Group Breathwork & Sound Session
7:00 PM19:00

Group Breathwork & Sound Session

I will be traveling to Fresno, CA to facilitate a group session at Fulton Yoga Collective as part of their monthly Conscious Cinema Club
Saturday, June 24th 2017 :: 

Breath Work & Sound Healing Workshop with •7:30-8:30pm

Raw Fresno Vegan Cuisine •8:30-9:30pm

9:30pm Popcorn and a Movie (Film: Song of the New Earth)
Yogic breath work is a fundamental practice in the study of yoga. As one of the limbs of Patanjali’s eight-limbed path, yogic breathing, or pranayama, is defined as the “control of life force,” and is aimed at increasing vital energy in the body and mind.

Donation based
Please RSVP at www.fultonyogacollective.com/buy-tickets/conscious-cinema-club

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