"Ashley is one of those healers who has the subtle feminine touch, but the power to transport you into other realms. I was blown away by her shamanic work during the breathwork session. Even though it was a group class, I felt like she gave each individual a personal session. I left the class feeling deeply connected and grounded to all that is. Thank you, Ashley!"  -KATIE

“My session with Ashley was really an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but wasn’t concerned, as Ashley provided a very safe, gentle and loving service. She incorporated Breath Work, Reiki, and Sound Healing, which was incredibly freeing and energyzing. I’ve been able to utilize the breathing technique on my own now, which I am truly grateful for. Ashley is the real deal."  -BOYD

“After doing the online program with Ash, I am aware of my breath multiple times throughout the day and I find that I can do some of the specific patterns we learned to calm myself in difficult life situations that come up. I can be calm in the midst of chaos and now I can think before I react.”  - CAMILA

"As breath work was something I had never tried before, I went in with an open heart and no idea what to expect. The way I felt after the session completely exceeded my expectations. I felt so calm, relaxed, grounded and centered. Like I was in a deep relaxed state in a cocoon of warmth and love. I didn't want to get up! LOL! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better!"   -AMBER

"The breathwork that Ashley facilitates has been one of the most impactful healing experiences I've ever experienced. I always leave her workshops feeling like I'm on cloud nine. The space and people that show up are always perfectly aligned as well.  The energy that is created is one that I would compare to riding a wave. If you've never done a breathwork session I highly recommend you checking it out."   -JAIME

"I had the pleasure of attendinga breath work session with Ashley at a workshop in Joshua Tree in the spring. Perfect timing for cleaning house and transformation! I was on the Verge of launching my own new business and was seeking insight about moving forward. During the breathwork ceremony, I had a revelation occur to me which clarified something so deep and fundamental, that months later I see how this unlocked knowledge has profoundly effected the progress I've made in my life. Ashley holds space with strength and gentility, her voice is hypnotic as she guides you through with ease and care into your own journey... Ending with other worldly chanting...I was blown away by her character & what transpired in the space she created. Thank You Ashley for holding space for me to go so deeply into myself, the lessons I learned while delving within are still guiding me today!  -REBECCA