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Group Breathwork & Sound Healing


Join Ashley Neumeister for a Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing group session. We can learn different breathing practices to alter our state of mind as well as bring healing on all levels of Mind, Body, & Spirit. The main technique Ashley shares during group sessions is done laying down and oxygenates the entire body and releases blockages in the energetic field. It can create feelings of bliss, clarity, love, and also bring emotions to the surface that have been ignored. It can be a very cathartic and ultimately peaceful experience. 

Regardless of what your experience, you are receiving the healing benefits on a physical & mental level of releasing stress and toxins from your body. The session will be guided with music and sound healing instruments. 

Bring a Yoga Mat

Location: Muddy Waters Yoga Studio

270 West 3rd Street, Winona, Minnesota 55987


Time TBC

Details to follow...