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Sonic Deva's Concert



Join us on the Full Moon for a sonic trip through the 5 Elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water) and 108 Om Hum So Hum Mantras to bring together our collective energy in peace and harmony.

Sonic Devas delivers a transcendental orchestration of meditative instrumental tones and vocal angelic melodies, mystically blended to tap into the connection to the heart, body and intuitive voice inside.

Sonic Devas is a group of professional women musicians, sound healers and wellness leaders working to bring sacred sound and meditation together in one powerful presentation. Featuring a variety of instrumentation and a vocal toning choir, the sound envelops the listener and is meant to assist in deepening meditation practice, transcending ordinary states and helping people relax into the moment. Participation and singing is encouraged by attendees to collectively raise the consciousness of not only the room, but to assist in setting intention to raise the positive vibration of the planet.

In a deep state of relaxation and meditation you will hear harmonizing voices, tibetan and crystal bowls, flutes, violin, chimes, monochord, gongs, didgeridoo, hang and tongue drums, frame drums, modular synth soundscapes and more. Come experience the magic of transformational sound and deeply listen.

Curated and Directed by Lynda Arnold and featuring:
Avatara Levine
Phyllis Douglass
Michelle Berc
Kerem Brulé - MoonHaven
Helane Marie Anderson
El La
Laura Escudé
Giselle Abadie
Skye Ray
Ash Neumeister
Kady Taylor

**VIP Treatments provided by Yoi Tanabe and Teetee Vincent

**Visual Projection by Michael Strauss
**Opening soundscapes by Torkom Ji

*THIS IS SOUND BATH format. That means please bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows to lay on for comfort. It's ok to remain seated as well on your own meditation cushion or backjack foldable seat. There will be some chairs available in the back.

VIP TICKETS INCLUDE: A spot in the front row, individual sound, essential oil treatment, CBD and small gift bag with sample products from HUM Nutrition and more!. Thank you for considering this special sponsorship level!

***DOORS Open at 7:15pm
Sonic Devas Start at 8pm***
Approx run time 2 hours.

PARKING IS LIMITED: we suggest arriving early, carpooling, or, better yet, use Uber or Lift!

St. John’s is right across the street from the Metro Expo Line stop at LATTC/Ortho Institute, and next to stops for the Bus Lines:14, 37, 81, 442, 4X, 460, 701, 721, 910/950, Commuter Express 422 & 423, Downtown Dash F.