What Is Happening On Our Planet??

Art by Cameron Grey

Art by Cameron Grey

This is a long one, but I had to write this down and share it. I have been in a deep state of reflection over the last few weeks since the Eclipse.  We are living in turbulent times. There is catastrophic loss all over the world right now.  In our country alone one coast is on fire and the other is flooding and bracing for record breaking Hurricanes. We are going through the greatest realignment as a country that has happened in my lifetime.  That was predicted with the total Solar Eclipse traveling through our entire country.  In astrology, eclipses are like a portal for exponential growth. Specifically, eclipses are a time of rapid change, either from internal or external circumstances. We are forced to face change in a way that might be uncomfortable, but that ultimately lead to maturity and since it traveled through our entire country it is affecting us on a collective level.  This is reflected in our politics, extremists coming to the forefront, and now natural disasters forcing us to help each other. So, what do we do with this?  

First of all, and probably most importantly, reflect on how what is happening externally is a reflection of what is happening internally within each of us and reach out for support to shift your consciousness and the way you treat yourself.  We are collectively on this journey of dismantling our unconscious beliefs that keep us better than, not good enough, on fire with unprocessed anger, drowning in depression and anxiety, afraid to share our voice, afraid of people who look different than us, believe there isn't enough for everyone, and so many other lies dramatically displaying themselves in our country right now.  Reach out to people who you can relate to and ask for help.  We are all in this together and there are more and more people available to support as the collective is waking up.  You will be forced to change otherwise, you may as well choose to do the work with support and as much ease as possible. You are stronger than you think.

Know that essentially you are God, Spirit, Love, whatever you want to call it and seek that eternal light within you. Understand that you are having a human experience and that you chose, along with everyone else you know, to take on some darkness to transform it and raise the consciousness of humanity at this time. That is why we are ALL here, we chose this...to participate in the evolution of consciousness. So have compassion with yourself, with each other as we are all learning and thank each other for going through this TOGETHER. Just as Buddha says "life is suffering". To be separated from Source is hard.  We can make it a bit easier when we are connected to each other, to all life (plants, animals, Mother Nature) because we are all Source and it feels good.  That is what we all want ultimately, connection! Ask, how can I create more connection in the world?

Let grief cleanse your soul! Let the tears come. We are all connected so even if we are not directly affected by these natural disasters or tragedies happening on our planet we have access to feeling the grief filling so many.  To add to that, we have inherited unprocessed grief from our ancestors. There have been so many generations of people who did not create the time (usually for survival) or know how to process the grief from genocides, displacements, etc. Some of us are more sensitive to that that than others and it is important to allow it to flow.  There are very few places in our culture for the healthy expression of grief so we hold on to it and it creates so much dis-ease in our bodies. A teacher of mine explained tumors and "solidified sorrow".  Grief is an ally. It opens our hearts and allows compassion to flood in.  It gets us in touch with the vulnerable, sweet, parts of ourselves.  We must allow ourselves to feel everything...just breathe through it. 

BE YOU! Be you so fully, so confidently, so freely and share your gifts NOWWWWW!! There is no time to wait. You are so needed. We all have our part to play! Show up my family!!

May we all find the courage to show up fully and be the true example of what is means to be Human.
May we all feel supported and loved.
May we all know we are good enough and that we matter.
May we all answer our hearts calling with action.
May we all see the light in each other and encourage each other to shine brighter.
May we Love fiercely!

Blessings to you Always,