Vibrational Medicine

7 Week Breathwork and Sound Healing Program For High Vibrational Truth Seekers



Join Ash Neumeister for an intimate live video group program learning how to use our our own voice and breath as our greatest tools for creating Vitality, Peace, Abundance and Connection in our lives. With simple practices we can transform our life. This program will be structured around the chakras. We will start learning about energy medicine and how all parts of our life are affected by our chakras (our energy centers). We will start week 1 with the Root and finish with the Crown in week 7. We will be learning breath & sound practices to balance the areas of our lives related to each chakra (ex. for the Root we will get into feeling safe, being present, and financial security). You will also be given a recorded breathwork & sound healing meditation to practice every day that week to balance each chakra.


 You Want To…

#1 Be able to get to the root of what is causing the tightness & pressure in your chest because you know that it is not just your inconsistent income, it is something deeper.   


#2 Be Your OWN Medicine so that you can alter your state of mind and energy level at any time and be able to show up fully for the people in your life.


#3 Maintain a high vibration to live a life of magic where you are NOT surprised anymore by how easy it is for you to manifest whatever you want.


#4 Be able to have those difficult conversations and speak what is true for you with confidence.


But Your Reality Is…

#1 You move through your day with anxiety, pretending everything is ok, but you are really struggling to keep it together and lose your temper easily when your partner or friend “says the wrong thing”.


#2 You consistently feel drained after a stressful day at work and you can’t wait for that glass of wine or beer to relax you and you keep asking yourself that same question “why am I still in this job”?


#3 2018 has come and you say your affirmations, you have your vision board complete, but are still not manifesting what you desire and you feel disappointed and stuck.


#4 You waste so much energy thinking about all these ideas you have that you know will create a positive impact on the world, but you don’t speak up, you don’t get into action.





Week 1: Root Chakra: Sound Practices to Feel Safe, Supported, Grounded & Present.


Week 2: Sacral Chakra: Awakening your Creativity and Sensuality with Breath.


Week 3: Solar Plexus: Breathwork Meditation for Igniting Confidence and Personal Power.


Week 4: Heart Chakra: Vibrational Medicine for Self-Love & Inner Peace.


Week 5: Throat Chakra: Toning for Deep Listening, Clear Communication, & Self Expression.


Week 6: 3rd Eye Chakra: Meditations and Sound Sessions to Increase Intuition and Clarity.


Week 7: Crown Chakra: Calling in the Light to Activate Deep Trust in Your Inner Guidance & Connection with Divine Wisdom.





1.  7 LIVE Group Sessions via ZOOM Conference (Starting Aug 4th every Sat. 10-11:30am PST)

In these live workshops you can expect to be trained in Vibrational Medicine and experience breathwork and sound healing practices.



* Vibrational Medicine Training - Every week you will leave with new foundational breathwork practices that will empower you to overcome common challenges like stress, anxiety and exhaustion. In each session, you will have all access to me to get your personalized questions answered.  


* Transformational Breathwork Sessions - We will set a sacred space in our homes, create a comfortable space to lay down, and be guided into altered states of consciousness with breath & music.


* Sounding Circles - We will practice using our own voices to express emotions in a group circle, allowing ourselves to be heard, and explore how to use it as our own medicine.

($3,500 value)


2. Coaching

Each week we will have Q&A and opportunity for coaching from me.   This program is going to bring up some things that may be difficult to look at or transform so I will be supporting you with coaching throughout the program.

($2,000 value)




1.  7 Recorded Guided Meditations

I have professionally recorded 11-15 minute meditations that incorporate breathwork, sound healing, affirmations, gratitude practice, and toning that are curated to balance each chakra (i.e. Week 1 will be the Root Chakra meditation).  You will be given one meditation every week to practice every day for that week. You will own these meditations so you can use them at any time in the future.


($350 Value)


2. Access to a Private Facebook Support Group

Connect with the supportive community, stay on track with the daily exercises, and be able to ask questions and share about your experience. You will be assigned an accountability partner (80% more likely to succeed with an accountability partner).  

*In the private FB group each week I will be sharing additional content giving you tools to live with greater Vitality & Peace.  

*I will also give you lifetime access to my “Vibrational Medicine Tribe” facebook group where like-minded people including my past participants in my group programs can all stay connected and share relevant content.


($1,000 value)


3. Lifetime Access to the Recordings of the Group Sessions so that you always have a reference and can continue to master what we cover.


($2,000 Value)


4.  Vibrational Medicine Tuning In Workbook


Each week you will be given curated journal prompts with powerful questions to support you in discovering which areas of your life are in or out of balance and what to focus on during your week of meditation to create breakthroughs in all areas of your life.


($200 value)


5. A HIGH VIBE Ritual Planner


This is a list of Vibrational Medicines that we will cover plus more and direction on how to create rituals to support you with implementing them into your life to maintain your High Vibe!


($200 Value)


Total Value = $9,250


This Program = $1,495

Early Enrollment Discount (July 11th-22nd) = $1,295