50 Min. Guided Breathwork & Sound Healing

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50 Min. Guided Breathwork & Sound Healing


This is a guided transformational breathwork and sound healing recording. It is an extension of the live in person groups that Torkom Ji and Ash Neumeister facilitate in Los Angeles every month. They wanted to create something that people could do at home on their own. If you have never done breathwork before, it can be a fairly dramatic experience and we always recommend doing it with a facilitator your first time.

Connect with us: www.facebook.com/PulseTransform/

All music created by Torkom Ji

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To prepare for this session find a quite place where you will not be disturbed for at least 60 min. You will need to lay down on the ground comfortably, but I recommend not using a pillow if it closes off your throat.

Possible side effects of this breathwork: tingling, twitching, cramping in hands, feet or face, getting emotional, crying, laughing, feeling like you are leaving your body, expanded awareness, visions, remembering parts of your life, deep peace & joy.

This breathwork can release trauma stored in your nervous system as well as any blockages in your energetic field.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to share with me what your experience was like doing this practice.

May you experience more love, peace and joy than you could ever imagine!